The benefits of Berlin as a location:

  • Low property prices for a European capital and
    cultural metropolis
  • Attractive old building fabric capable being renovated
    in districts with development potential
  • Increasing rental prices for renovated old buildings
    (up by 8.5% annually in recent years;
    up to 25% in the case of new rentals)
  • Low renovation costs

Today, Berlin is one of the most influential political centres
in Europe, and one of the most visited metropolises thanks to
its cultural heritage. The Federal capital has established itself
as a significant transport hub and an important centre of finance,
culture and education.
Outstanding institutions such as its numerous universities,
research institutes, theatres, museums and festivals, its night-life
and the architecture of Berlin have a worldwide reputation.

Today, this metropolis on the Spree, with 3.5 million inhabitants,
mainly profits from its wealth of lakes and parks; new building
in recent years, like the Potsdamer Platz; extensive investment
in local and intercity public transport, and the large-scale
restoration of the historical inner city.
The positive effect of all this can be felt today by everyone
when a lively atmosphere fills the streets, when people visit cafés
and restaurants, or set off to cultural events at the opera or theatre.

The real-estate location of Berlin is enjoying growing popularity.
Not only are large international investment funds investing
in property in Berlin, but also normal citizens at home and
abroad like to buy in the capital.
Now, over 20 years since the fall of the Wall, and approaching
the end of one of the largest renovation projects in history,
the German capital is one of the most attractive capital cities
in the world.
Experts believe that a stable increase in the value of property
on the market in Berlin can be expected in the medium and long term.

Investments have been made for future increases in value; the market is now following:
On an international scale, property in Berlin is considered to be
significantly undervalued Cities.